Friday, 25 June 2010

Beginner Sculptor- the Female Face- Part 1

Part 1 of 7

I have found this ladies tutorial a wonderful resource, aiding me in understand how to create a life like face. For those just starting out id say use these videos as its been a life saver for me.

The instructions are so clear easy to follow and detailed and her tips on tools to use invauable. I already had a dentistry tool kit but only used a few of the pieces. I got out and used the one she demonstarates in the video and i can say its now one of my favourite tools to craft with. I also bought a gum stimulator ( never knew this would be so difficult to get hold of ) Again the details you can create with this tool are amazing i highly recommend both!

Progress at last :-)

Happy friday afternoon to all :-)
Sorry i have been a bit quite lately as i have been busy making my 3rd wedding cake topper. This one is to be a much smaller version for a 9.5cm width top tiar cake. This has been just a much of a challenge as the larger toppers as working so small can be very fiddly. The bride to be also wished for facial detials something i have never attempted before. Again being a a bit crackers i thought id see what i could come up with. I crafted a tester head and was amazed that i could actually do it not perfect by any stretch of the imagination. But for a first attempt i felt quite pleased though i did make the head far to big I have decided not to wate this tester head but turn it into a African Babywearing mother and baby ornarment for myself :-) As you can see from a few of my pictures i carry my son. The carrier in my profile picure is called an Asian carrier called a Mei tai . It is not only stunning but very comfortable and incredible well made. My son is 2 years old and i can still carry him with ease!
Anyway back on topic
I have now made and baked the brides head and will be adding the hair hopfully tonight. Sorry no pictures of yet i promised to show the Bride first :-)

Other news a few weeks ago i went into a local craft shop on the hunt for some clay cutters. The owner of the shop was very helpful and we ended up chatting about my toppers. The lady displays and sells a few local handmade sugarcraft cake toppers, mass produced clay toppers, but no handmade clay toppers. ( I say this with some excitment) as she invited me to bring along photos of the toppers i have made so far to see if i could also display and sell in her shop. I am not at the stage to become an offical business but a good bit of impromptu marketing done there. Knowing i may have a found a niche in the market right here at home :-0)

Another update i have been commisioned by yet another friend ( i love my mates) to create a Anniversery ornament of her her husband and 2 children. The lady i made my very first topper for will soon be having a baby shower to celebrate her second pregnancy. As my gift to her im going to craft a cake topper of her with bump .
Now i just need someone needing me to craft a birthday cake topper
All this experiance im building up will, fingers crossed, lead me to craft proffesionaly.

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Another gorgeous sunny day

Thursday 17th June 2010
Morning all :-)
Another lovely day beautiful sunshine and clear skies a day that deserves to be spent outdoors!
Yesterday we spent a fun filled few hours in the garden and yes i was right about getting wet.My son took great delight in chasing me round the garden soaking me to the skin with the cheekiest grin and the naughtiest giggle

My Other half is of work for the next few days so we will be going out on are usual family walks.Were both interested in wildlife especially birds and recieve a lot of enjoyment from seeing, hearing various species. Were not sit down for hours and stare at one spot hoping to see a specific bird ( im far to impatient for that) But while walking we do get a bit excited if we spot a bird we have never seen before. Not many of are friends share are love of wildlife and think were a bit sad lol.

My plan for a crafty night went out the window as my son refused to fall asleep till gone 10.The past month hes been up till that time getting up at 6am equals a very tired Mammy.
Que the sound of violin strings;-) I prefer to craft on nights my partner is either working or he's gone to bed for work the next day ( he works shifts) Not to craft when he's of but with limited time avalable, needs must and all that. I think hes feeling a bit neglected lately.
I will update to night fingers crossed with progress pictures of my 3rd topper.
Of to get both of us ready to go out wishing you all a sunshine filled day :-)

My first blogg and an introduction to me :-)

Wednesday 16th June 2010
I will soon be heading out into the back garden with my son to play in the sandpit and water table Im more then sure he will be chasing me round trying to throw water at me and trying to make me fit into his cosy coupe car. Just finished watching Mr tumble dvd for the second time today my son adores Justin. So do i but im feeling if i see Something special one more time i may loose my marbles. Setting up this blog is been a head butting the wall expericance but im getting they YAY! Im not to most technical person, hard enough finding the on switch for the laptop.
Last night was spent researching for my new up and coming venture making special occassion cake toppers. Learning about ways to advertise my business without spending an arm and a leg.
I have found wonderful advice and inspiration from the ladies are so welcoming to a newbie like myself and very happy to share thier experiances and tips.

Tonight will be an all nighter to catch up crafting my third wedding cake topper. I have been lucky that so many of my friends are getting married they have become my guniea pigs. Crafting for friends is an excellent way of building up your skills before venturing out into the big bad world of business. I am not sure where the passion to learn how to craft with clay came from. For me it had always been water colour painting and drawing right, from an early stage i loved to draw and paint. Then a few months ago i took part in a crafty swap, i thought lets learn a new craft. So i bought a block of clay and made lillies to decorate a upcycled cream pot. A clay lid stamped with a leaf pattern lid for an upcycled mayo jar. I found exploring how to mould and create shapes and patterns with the clay exhilarating. While reserching things to make for the swap i came across pictures of cake toppers. At the same time my friend Sarah had to move forward her wedding and needed a topper asap. So being brave ( or plain crackers) volunteered to have a bash at making one. And to my shock and delight i found i could knock out quite a good topper.

Ive added a pictures of my first two toppers please excuse me if its untidy im new to all this.Right im being dragged toward the garden by an impatient child of to jump in muddy puddles. Hope you all having a lovely summer day :-)