Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Another gorgeous sunny day

Thursday 17th June 2010
Morning all :-)
Another lovely day beautiful sunshine and clear skies a day that deserves to be spent outdoors!
Yesterday we spent a fun filled few hours in the garden and yes i was right about getting wet.My son took great delight in chasing me round the garden soaking me to the skin with the cheekiest grin and the naughtiest giggle

My Other half is of work for the next few days so we will be going out on are usual family walks.Were both interested in wildlife especially birds and recieve a lot of enjoyment from seeing, hearing various species. Were not sit down for hours and stare at one spot hoping to see a specific bird ( im far to impatient for that) But while walking we do get a bit excited if we spot a bird we have never seen before. Not many of are friends share are love of wildlife and think were a bit sad lol.

My plan for a crafty night went out the window as my son refused to fall asleep till gone 10.The past month hes been up till that time getting up at 6am equals a very tired Mammy.
Que the sound of violin strings;-) I prefer to craft on nights my partner is either working or he's gone to bed for work the next day ( he works shifts) Not to craft when he's of but with limited time avalable, needs must and all that. I think hes feeling a bit neglected lately.
I will update to night fingers crossed with progress pictures of my 3rd topper.
Of to get both of us ready to go out wishing you all a sunshine filled day :-)

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