Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Again this ladies tutorials have come to my aid this time in sculpting the male face.I really must remember to post on her video and give her a massive thank you message.I found this second head much easier to do as i felt more confident in my abilities. Mind it took me just as long to craft due to time limitations. I am so glad my friend wanted me to try facial details and its been a delight to experiment with my crafting capibilities. But i have decided the topper i will make and sell comercially will have a simple eyes, button nose and smiling mouth like the face on Sharnes topper. I may do facial details as a custom one of for friends or special customers. A few years down the line when i am more established and my son is at school. I will be able to focus on 'stepping up' my business a gear and make more detailed, refined, expensive figurines well thats my goal and dream anyway.

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