Wednesday, 16 June 2010

My first blogg and an introduction to me :-)

Wednesday 16th June 2010
I will soon be heading out into the back garden with my son to play in the sandpit and water table Im more then sure he will be chasing me round trying to throw water at me and trying to make me fit into his cosy coupe car. Just finished watching Mr tumble dvd for the second time today my son adores Justin. So do i but im feeling if i see Something special one more time i may loose my marbles. Setting up this blog is been a head butting the wall expericance but im getting they YAY! Im not to most technical person, hard enough finding the on switch for the laptop.
Last night was spent researching for my new up and coming venture making special occassion cake toppers. Learning about ways to advertise my business without spending an arm and a leg.
I have found wonderful advice and inspiration from the ladies are so welcoming to a newbie like myself and very happy to share thier experiances and tips.

Tonight will be an all nighter to catch up crafting my third wedding cake topper. I have been lucky that so many of my friends are getting married they have become my guniea pigs. Crafting for friends is an excellent way of building up your skills before venturing out into the big bad world of business. I am not sure where the passion to learn how to craft with clay came from. For me it had always been water colour painting and drawing right, from an early stage i loved to draw and paint. Then a few months ago i took part in a crafty swap, i thought lets learn a new craft. So i bought a block of clay and made lillies to decorate a upcycled cream pot. A clay lid stamped with a leaf pattern lid for an upcycled mayo jar. I found exploring how to mould and create shapes and patterns with the clay exhilarating. While reserching things to make for the swap i came across pictures of cake toppers. At the same time my friend Sarah had to move forward her wedding and needed a topper asap. So being brave ( or plain crackers) volunteered to have a bash at making one. And to my shock and delight i found i could knock out quite a good topper.

Ive added a pictures of my first two toppers please excuse me if its untidy im new to all this.Right im being dragged toward the garden by an impatient child of to jump in muddy puddles. Hope you all having a lovely summer day :-)

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