Friday, 23 July 2010

Finished sweet miniture and wedding topper veil drama

The finished miniature :-)
I have meant to add more to this blog for days but been snowed under with finishing my topper. Cramming in a hundred other craft projects at the same time my heads spinning lol.
The lady and her daughter i crafted for received it this morning and loved the miniature. I am so please they not only liked it but it got to them in one piece. I have thought of buying a bulk buy of packing peanuts but i had a massive roll of wadding and gave that a try instead. It worked so i may purchase more wadding instead of peanuts. I still need to source a good place to buy a stock of good quality boxes to store and post my toppers in. I have yet to find the right boxes. I have also been busy trying to sell items like toys, clothes ect to make enough money to buy a new camera. I am looking at Nikon d40 on ebay fingers crossed i can raise enough funds. I need to have clearer more professional pictures to advertise my toppers to potential customers. At the moment the pictures taken do not show of my work of do it the justice it deserves.
I have set up a new FB profile under the name Ama Aqua Cake Toppers so other crafty companies and business can add me. So if you wish to add me please send me a message

Finally i am on the last piece of my 3rd wedding topper all that is left to do is bake the topper and emboss the wedding date plaque with silver embossing powder. Never tried embossing but i have come across a fab tutorial outline various ways to bake and emboss on clay. I bought a heat gun last week for the embossing but it has come in handy else where. I was struggling to flatten the veil material to fit nicely around the brides head. The netting i have chosen is a bit to firm for the job i need it to do, i tried a few ways to manipulate the material into place. Nothing worked till i used the heat gun to dry the glue on the rhinestones round the edge of the veil. I realised the veil has begun to more, reshape and shrink. I quickly realised with some manipulation of where i placed the heat gun and fabric the veil would be in the correct position. Result :-)

So my favourite tool of the day is my new heat gun

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