Thursday, 26 August 2010

Ooooooo playing around with Picasa on my computer i found i could upload directly from them. Its not very often im excited about technology, usually you can find me cowering behind a sofa quivering with fear lol.

I have had mylovely new Fujifilm s1500 camera for a few weeks but not had much chance to use it.

Still getting used to all the buttons got to stop thinking it's a point and click camera and use it to its full capabilities.

Im having a go at editing the lighting and background of some of my picturers using both windows gallery and picasa.

Ummmmmm i think photography is not one of my strong points, do you agree

This is a picture of my latest creation a Mother's and toddler babywearing ornament for a fellow babywearing Mamma.

She is an avid photogapher so had to add a little camera to the ornament, this lady takes stunning pictures some of which i have used in the past on this blog.

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