Wednesday, 8 September 2010

I am in love with Liquid Sculpey!!

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I cant belive it has taken me so long to try this wonderful meduim the results are brilliant. I have had a bottle of liquid sculpey bought way back when i first began crafting, but i never used it. I thought its only use was as a paper picture transfer. ( Liquid sculpey is a translucent  liquid clay) Skimming through one of my clay books i came across a refrence to using liquid sculpey to smooth out the lines between to pieces of clay. On my my models i like to blend the pieces of together so you can no longer see the lines. This is hard to create epecialy in tricky areas such as the neck and head. Using liquid sculpey for the first time i almost jumped with joy watching the lines vanish to make one smooth piece. As you can see in the photo above  the effect is amazing no lines blended together prefectly. This made the job of blending far easier and less fiddly :-)

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