Wednesday, 4 August 2010

My creative son playing with clay

My son loves to sit next to me while i am crafting and copy my actions.

He is so adorable rolling out the clay trying to roll it between his hands into a ball.

He shouts out "rol, roll, roll"and "pat,pat, pat" as he crafts bless him my cutie pie :-)

Mind he is forever stealing lumps of clay and runnning of into the sitting room giggling

I now have a huge stock pile of 'junk' clay due my son attempting to hide clay around the house.

Its like a little game of treasure hunt instead of treasure its find where the earth he put the clay. Oh there it is under the seatte he' s even posted it through the letter box ( little monster)

My junk clay....

Talking of junk clay this is a good tip never throw away 'ANY' clay even if it is covered in fluff.
Keep it back and build scrap pieces of clay into a huge ball to use for model making.
If your low on a certain colour use the junk clay mould into desired shape,t hen place a thin layer of the chosen colour clay on top. This way you never have any wasted clay it all gets used it saves on resources and money :-) I found it invaluable to use epecially for larger models where ever scape of clay is needed to create my art work :-)

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