Wednesday, 4 August 2010

News update

I am no offically registerd as self employed exciting but very scary
I had buttierflies dancing around in my tummy as i rang HRMC as this is ahuge step.
I have also booked myself on the Business link course as i have heard they give you a lot of helpful advice on starting up your own business.
This means i'll have to learn book keeping and do tax returns ( very scary)

I also have a new logo my wonderful friend Niki designed it for me
I love it :-)

I am still building my fan page on facebook and today has been spent writing and re writing my terms and conditions as well questions and answers form.
It was a relife to finally do a bit more crafting tonight as admin isnt may favourite thing in the world.
Still no website my lovely friend Sarah said she will help me set one up. I have no techinical capiblilites, even the though of attempting to make a website brings me out in a cold shiver lol

I am looking into and found a craft insurance company and will be ringing them tommorow. I will need insurance for the Baby and Toddler event in Septemeber.
My stall will only be for information and advertising purpases. I need to get onto vista print and order posters leaflets business cards ect ect. I am thinking of making clay kerings with my logo on it, to give away to everyone who takes a leaflet or contact details. I also need to find somewhere that dose backing boards to attack larger photos of my toppers to.
I have a lot to plan and prepare for but i am looking forward to getting out there and spreading the word about Ama Aqua cake toppers :-)

Right i need to get of to bed as it is 2 am oh the joy of late night crafting

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  1. Well that's good news to hear! Good luck with your big new venture xx