Friday, 15 October 2010

Games workshop paints

Hunting for the best cost effective paints and paint brush to use for creating detailing on my clay models, my lovely partner James mentioned Games Workshop. In his youth he painted the tiny models using these paint and recommended i give them a try. Searching online for paints to use on plastic clay i was shocked at just how expensive even one small bottles cost.  But the Games worshop paints are basically the same, created to use on plastic models for a fraction of the price. So a few weeks ago of we went to Games Workshop, walked into a world on men and thier toys. Everyone turned to look at me wondering what on earth i was doing there ;-) After talking  to the shop assistant and browsing through the paints i selected the above with the tiniest tipped brush id had ever seen, perfect!!!
To my joy i found  the paints and brush where wonderful to work with easy to apply quick to dry. You only need to tiniest amount,  i can see the bottles lasting for quite some time. The paints mix perfectly to create  new tones if needed.

Seeing the Tartan kilt  developing was thrilling, each patterned layer building to create the design.

So dont spent a fortune on speiclised clay paint pop down to Games Workshop:-)

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