Thursday, 9 September 2010

Recycling fun

Posted by PicasaToday was spent having fun with newspaper shredding and then throwing :-) I spent most of the day cleaning up after my son spread the spreaded paper around every room in the house. He had a ball thowing it at me and i have to say i enjoyed it just as much!
I want to be as eco friendly as possible with my packaging so will be using reused or recycled boxes and protective materials. One of those is shredded paper it makes a brilliant protective insulation around my toppers and is by far more enviromently friendly then packing peanuts!

I am still sourcing a wholesale supply of boxes that are cost effective strong enough but also astetical pleasing. The best so far is  I want the inner box to be Keepsake boxes to be resuaed to house the toppers or other precious items. The then outer protective box will be a nomal packing box. Both items need to be from recycable sources and able to recylce again. Its took me moths of reseach to find BoxMart, i think thier the best company to suplly what i am in need of. I will be ringing them next week to discuss my first order !

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